In life, forgot personal computer passwords is actually very common, it’ll give people quite a lot of trouble. How should we get access to the Windows XP/Vista/7/2000/98 personal pc with no reinstalling Windows OS and data loss if we did not remember this administrator passwords? How can we reset the administrator passwords in the case when you lost it again? The better answer is to use third party retrieval computer program.

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One way for accessing to the Windows OS is try to remember your lost Windows passwords, or just reset passwords from any other user account with admin credentials. However I don’t think the idea will support you, or else you wouldn’t be sitting here and learning content, would you?
One other method is by trying free Windows OS passwords recovery programs. However, if that you’re not ‘techie’ or are very busy, this way is not suggested for removing Windows OS passwords. First, you have got to spend a lot of time on learning computer skill-sets and ways to use it. Second, since they were free, no one would provide a 100% success rate guarantee though you’d wasted many time on them. Below are a bit of free passwords software programs for techie.

1. Offline NT Password & Registry Editor
As which the name shows, it is working local. That requires you have to shut down the personal computer and write your floppy disc or CD/DVD.
Note. in case your Windows accounts include EFS encrypted types of files and your Windows is XP or later service pack on W2K, all Windows encrypted files for the user will be unreadable. Except if you can remember the old password, it can not be retrieved. Require more quality help? Do not contact me! Consult the publisher of this fact computer program.
2. John the Ripper
John the Ripper is a passwords resetter, currently available for many OS including Win32, BeOS,Unix, DOS, and OpenVMS. John the Ripper support out of the box are Windows XP/2000/NT and Kerberos AFS LM hashes.
3. Emergency Boot CD
Emergency Boot CD is a bootable Disc, just for Operating-system recovery in the event of product faults. Emergency Boot CD also includes the entire set of external DOS commands, console versions of popular compressors. Furthermore, the cd disk includes minimal Linux distribution which will be useful to a PRO person.

The third method is just use 3rd party software program. In many different 3rd party passwords recovery tools, I suggest Windows Password Seeker. Learn the step by step instruction manuals from, even the 6 year-old teenagers can successfully retrieve Windows logon passwords within minutes. What’s more, with 100% recovery success rates warranty, it will take no risks.

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